Crocodile leather products are stylish, cherished accessories. When properly cared for, it will become a durable, timeless collection item which is are passed down generations. Caring and restoring crocodile leather accessories involves cleaning and moisturizing the precious leather, and its correct storage. We recommend taking care of your crocodile leather accessories in the following manner:

Use a soft microfiber damp cloth to clean the leather at least biannually. Never use solvents, alcohol or other household cleaners to clean your leather accessories. In the case of a stain on the leather, use a sponge with a specially purchased leather cleaner, wipe it dry afterwards with a soft, damp cloth. After cleaning, always allow the leather to air-dry completely, not exposing it to sun or other heat sources.

Once the leather have been cleaned and naturally dried, apply a small amount of a premium leather conditioner to a soft cloth (do not apply conditioner to the leather directly) and wipe it gently onto the leather to preserve the leather and retain its water resistance. Do not use any product that contains animal fats or oils, it will darken the splendid color of your leather. Furthermore, avoid using leather conditioners which contain waxes or silicone, these will prevent the leather from breathing. Instead, use conditioning lanolin-free products or products formulated specifically for the use on exotic skins.

Store your leather accessories in a cool, dry space, away from heat or direct UV light. Leather breathes and contains its own natural moisture, which add to its suppleness and flexibility. Heat exposure may lead to moisture lost, while UV light can damage the brilliant shine and color. If the product is purchased with a soft cloth bag , use the cloth bag to cover your accessory during storage. Do not store leather accessories in airtight closed container or plastic bag. Leather bags should be stored upright, empty and preferably supported by a soft tissue paper serving as a filler to maintain its shape.