The South African Constitution and Sustainable Utilization
Section 24 of the South African Constitution recognizes the protection and conservation (through appropriate legislation) of the environment and its wildlife, and authorizes the ecological sustainable utilization of natural resources.

South African National Legislation 
The Threatened or Protected Species Regulations (the ‘TOPS Regulations’) issued in terms of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act 10 of 2004 (the ‘Biodiversity Act’) provide a regulatory system of Standing and Trading permits to be issued for approved captive-breeding farms.
TOPS Permit​​​

Industry Standards for Crocodile Farms
International standards have been developed by the International Crocodilian Farmers Association (ICFA).  The South African Crocodile Industry Association (SACIA), in collaboration with other industry stakeholders, developed National Standards and Good Operating Practices. The National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA), are authorized by the National Animal Protection Act to enforce the legislation and are guided by standards as guidelines to monitor the status of animal welfare and animal health on crocodile farms in South Africa.

Crocodile Meat
South African crocodile meat production is regulated under the South African Meat Safety Act (Act 40 of 2000). Specific regulations and Veterinary procedural Notices (VPN) for the slaughter of crocodiles and the processing of crocodile meat has been developed and implemented, ensuring that the highest possible meat safety standards are maintained. In addition, thereto, the South African Bureau of Standards provide standards (SANS 10049 for Food Safety Management, and SANS 10330 for a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System) serves as guidelines for the operation of domestic abattoirs and meat processing plants. Export of crocodile meat is required to comply with the import country requirements. The EU import requirements for crocodile meat products have been harmonized under European law, and the South African veterinary authorities require that export abattoirs comply with the applicable EU regulations.
Abattoir Export Permit​​​
Abattoir Local Permit​​​