Environmental footprint
Our environmental strategies and management policies aims to reduce our environmental footprint by reduction of the impacts of all our operations on the environment. Interventions implemented includes the introduction of clean production methodologies, energy and water savings, reduction of waste, and investing in infrastructure to generate renewable energy and sunlight harvesting. Our waste water infrastructure and management systems are designed to treat waste water in accordance with environmental legislation and to be suitable for agricultural use.

Industry Standards for Animal Welfare
Le Croc is an active participant in industry organisations responsible for the development of Industry Standards and Good Operating Practices aimed at improving the sustainability of the crocodilian industry. Le Croc is a Board and Founding members of both the  International Crocodile Farming Association (ICFAand Exotic Leather SA (ELSA). Both these non-profit organisations are mandated to develop Standards and Good operating Practises for both the Crocodilian and Nile Crocodile industry respectively.
On-farm scientific research is conducted in collaboration with the Exotic Leather Research Center (ELRC) situated at University of Pretoria. A number of scientific research projects aimed at the improving the knowledge and science supporting husbandry practices has been completed, leading to improvements in husbandry operations. Le Croc is a member and Executive committee member of the South African Crocodile Industry Association (SACIA) and participates in the activities of the  Crocodile Specialist Group (CSG).